September 2017. We’re in Turkey, where tourism has decreased by 90 % and the places that once were full of strangers and foreign languages, are now almost deserted. The only tourists one will meet are turks. The lately attacks and the story made up by the mass-media , forced travelers to forget about a vacation in this country. But, if one takes care and does not visit the most populated cities, does not land in the most known airport, etc, one can have a fantastic and safe vacation in a country considered, today, dangerous. For me, Turkey is an exotic country, with nice people and this is what convinced us to come back here one day. We spent at least 10 days on mountain paths, through caves or cities and we met open minded people, eager to find out more about us and our country. In the following lines, you will read some of our ”adventures” spent on the land of the half moon! 🙂

Sabrina, the silk haired and beautiful souled girl

We were food shopping and wanted to buy a watermelon, when, suddenly, the young lady who was working there, asks us, in turkish, if we lived in Romania. I say yes and I ask her how did she manage to find out. The following thing she does is point towards my t-shirt, which read ”I did not ask to be Romanian, but I was lucky” (in romanian).

Impreuna cu Sabrina

And this is how I met Sabrina, the silk-haired and beautiful-souled girl. She’s aged 22 and she was born in Constanta, Romania. Her mother is from Romania and 2 years ago, the entire family decided to move to Turkey where they started a business. Having a specific Romanina beauty, she always smiles! She manages to talk only a little bit in Romanian (she wishes to learn more), but she totally understands it and was glad to be able to hear it, again! 🙂

Google’s Funny actions. Known also as Google Translate 


For a few days, we lived together with a Turkish couple. Mine and her husband, Kazim, are 2 fantastic persons! Smiling, welcoming, with a great soul and always eager to help! The only barrier was that of the spoken language. Neither Mine, nor Kazim spoke any foreign language, so it was a real challenge to communicate with them! Using a few turkish words that we knew (sultan, bebek , guzel, tesekurler), boy language and smiling, we went along just fine!


Another great help was Mr Translate, Google Translate. Because this couple made us feel as if we were at home, we wanted to make up to them. Their son, who did speak English but was now in Greece, told us that they would surely enjoy spending an evening together and that we could buy a Turkish raki. In the same time, I think he also said something to his parents, because Mine was trying to tell us something, I guessed she was saying: If you want to brink alcohol, you can put it in the fridge. So, imagine this: a Turkish lady comes up to you and talks in Turkish. All that you can understand is the word alcohol. She notices that you are very confused so she uses her phone in order to translate. Translation reads: ”If you are alcoholic, you can freeze at home”. We did freeze for one second, trying to understand the translation and then we burst out laughing while our turkish friends were watching us outraged, not understanding why was it sooo funny! 🙂

Male logic

This story makes me laugh out loud even if I have said it for several times! Pay attention! Dad’s right sandal had a little issue and he could not wear it anymore so he tried to explain to Kazim what happened. Ten minutes later, Kazim finds a super glue! So..imagine them one next to each other , repairing the sandal! Everything ready?! Yep! Good! It’s just that…when dad wanted to go out in the town , he realised that, yes, they had repaired the sandal, but they had hard worked on the wrong one! : )))