Marking: red circle + going through the gorges (unmarked path)

Duration: 7 hours and a half, including plenty time spent on pauses, lunch breaks or ”photoshootings”


At 10:30 we set off from the beautiful yard of Mirajpension, where we were about to spend another night.

It was a real pleasure to have them as hosts. Clean rooms, kitchen access, barbecue, wood for fire, a large courtyard , a little hut for evening stories and a cute swing for children, all guarded by the great Piţurcă, the quadruped soul of the yard.

Our team was quite large! 13 adults and 7 little explorers. From the pension, the view is amazing! Oltet Gorges seem to be cut between be a giant sword.

On our right hand side, one could spot Capatanii    Mountains, and on our left hand side, Parang Mountains. Realizing that the little explorers were so keen on finding out more about our trip, we began playing an imagination game. Just imagine how long, long time ago, in a far away land…lived giants that were sooo big, being able to put one foot on one mountain, and one on the other, in order to drink from the cool water of the Oltet river.

Aparently the game was very funny and useful because the kids ”raced” in matters of explications or ideas, argumenting why would they or why would they not like to be a giant. 🙂

Cheile Oltetului

Today’s hike sets off by following the road that goes on the right hand side of the monastery, and, after there is no more concrete, the red circle marking takes us towards the dense and cool forest of the mountain. From here on, we asked Pingu, our darling little friend, who follows us in almost all our adventures, to guide the  group. We had granted her a walkie talkie (dad, at the end of the group, handled the second one) and had asked her to step forward of our group. As soon as she had done this, here I go, right behind you, in cas she needed any help. What one does not know…is that…3 days earlier…a wooden plate fell onto my nail and…I could barely walk.

Hop asa!

I know that I was really stubborn…I should have stayed at home, wear sandals, and take good care of my bleeding nail. But how could I have done this when everybody knew that I was coming , too?! Anyway, I managed it, somehow, amazing all my friends, but…”do not try this at home”, haha .

As far as Pingu is concerned, she did just great! She explained how one should step on the mountains, how one should be aware of the fact that there could be snakes, so watch out when sitting down, she asked them to take a break from time to time and she always reminded us to drink water and stay well hidrated!

Cu ochii-n patru!

Half an hour later, we arrived to Ursache’s cross. ”Who is Ursache?!”, asked the little ones. Well, it is said he used to be a great capitain, and that the cross attracts lightnings during storms! From up there, from the stoned cross raised in 1808, we admired the view . The trail up to here climbs through the forest, where we had our well deserved pauses. Afterwards, there is a small ”unmarked”portion of 50 m, or as the kids said ”the marking likes playing hide and seek”, but it is not hard to find the marked trail, again. One must just go through the plateau and the red circle (meaning circuit: you set off from point A and get back to point A, following another trail) cand be spotted on rocks or trees.

 IMPORTANT !  Lots of people search for the marking point at their eye level. Do not forget, when the marking point cannot be found, you might be just standing on it… 🙂 

What was next? Going down, which was a horrible experience. I don’t mind doing it, usually, but for now…my nail just wouldn’t stop hurting. Before we’d arrived to the car road, we decided to take a break and some of us relaxed their tired toes into the cool river water. They did not adopt the same attitude when crossing the gorges through water, haha. Right before the second bridge, somewhere on our left, we spotted a rope, used as a support point for getting down, and, closer to the water, two green stairs, also, in order to easen our descent.
Prima scara

The water was soooo cold! When we had to go through longer sections of water, I could barely wait in order to get to the next stone ahead, so that I could heat myself up a little. The normal trail goes through the gorges using the car road, up to Polovragi Monastery, but we decided that we want a double ”adrenaline drink”.

Curajos, Codrin al nost'!

 And guess what?! It was fantastic!! 🙂