Today is the ”big day”. It’s that day when we must prove whether we are or not capable of climbing a high altitude mountain, only the two of us. 

For the first time, we didn’t not hire any company or guide to take us to the top. We found out more information about the mountain asking google in four languages… we were!

04.00 am. Everything ready. Breathe deep we go! The distance we had climbed yesterday during the aclimation trip in 3 hours, now we managed to shorten it to 1 h 30, which was good! It meant that we were quite alright with the altitude. The scree we were walking on, however, was very tiring. And we had quite a fight up to the place where the glacier started and we had to put our crampons on.

 The inclination of the steep was impressive. The air quite thin, hard to breathe, and forcing us to take a 2 second stop, each 10-20 m.

Mr. Altitude payed us a visit, again, and the  mountain reminded us that he is the one who grants us permission to climb up to the summit. This is why I never say that ”I conquered the mountain”. The giant cannot be conquered. It can be understood. One can politely ask him to grant permission. But it cannot be conquered.

Step by step, we arrived to the border of the grater. Wooow! It was huge!! Can you imagine what an explosion took place here?!


We had to sit down for a while in order to be able to ”swallow” this fantastic view! And…because of the tireness, I could feel the way I was shrinking asleep, but it just seemed that I couldn’t do anything in order to stop it. ”Alex!” My dad’s call was a great luck, waking me up!

IMPORTANT: High altitudine mountain climbing is very beautiful, but also very difficult, so…try to learn from other people’s mistakes, so that you won’t go through the same bad happenings.

I get up and keep on going. A cross arises. Yey! We’re close to the top!


My inner power is back and here I am! On top of North America’s highest vulcano, Pico de Orizabo, the mountain of the stars! What a smile on my face! How could one not be happy of such an experience?! Such a beautiful and tiring experience, in the same time?! 🙂


On our way down, the snow was soft and it was much easier for us to advance. From time to time,a stop was needed and each time we were taking a break, I used to turn around and stare at the mountain. We did ! For the first time, without hiring any guide or any mountain climbing company, just based on the information we found and on our experience, we made it to the top! And believe’s not at all easy to plan an expeditio,especially not from miles away!

Many thanks to the people who believed in us, family, friends or sponsors. We did our best and we can happily say: Thank you, Pico de Orizaba, we enjoyed our stay! 🙂