Support Romanian bussiness men! Support Romania! 🙂 An article about equipment and companies ‘Made in Romania’, which I recommend.

During expedition, mountain equipment  is very important! This is why I have decided to write down a list of Romanian companies that I recommend, and one thing I use, from each of them.

1. Nahanny 

Plentry of my down equipment is prepared by Nahanny, according to the specifications and needs expressed.

Why do I recommend them?
Because they have that  ”savoir-faire”, the equipment always made me feel safe, reduced my risks, offered me the confort and heat I needed! they say: ”We do not built something in which we do not believe. In the outdoor activities that we practise, we are more than occasional users. We sell and recommend only what one really needs.”

The Nahanny equipment that I use in every travel or expedition is this down sleeping bag: , which can be adapted by your own requirements . But Dan Glazer, our friend and owner of the bussiness, has much more to offer! Take a look! 🙂

2. Maramont

They promote quality and also Romania and Maramures region, all over the world! As they say: ”Tradition and quality of MARAMONT equipment have a 35 year experience. Maramont does not mean only mountain equipment, but also a concept which talks about practising sports, promoting mountain life as a life style, protecting the environment.”

What object made by Maramont do I recommend? The snow gaiters! I use them not only for their first purpose-to  prevent snow from getting into my boots, but also because, on a mountain trek, one can meet snakes, thorns, or mud! You might have a single pair of pants but if you do have the gaiters, you will keep the pants much cleaner!

Take a look:

3. Atta

Established in 1991 by alpinists from the Sports

Association of Cluj University, Atta is, I say, the best Romanian company who makes and sells mountain backpacks! I have used one of their backpascks for years and it’s still alive! Maybe you”ll find something, too:

4. Merinito

Especially during peak day, it’s best that your first layer, the one closest to the body, is made out of merinos. Why? The merinos wool is the most performant fibre, it adjusts the body temperature and it offers a high confort degree. Even if you might think wool is uncomfortable, merinos is soft and absorbs umidity, so it should give you any trouble!

What I enjoy using is a pair of underpants:


ATTENTION! This is my personal opinion and I am sharing it with you because of 2 reasons:

1.  I want to support Romanian companies

2. I would like to convince you to do the same ! 🙂


UPDATE: Mr. Mihai, after reading the article, said that he recommends other 3 Romanian brands: Gravity / Strindberg Official / Schiuri Reghin. Thank you for the information! 🙂



  1. Bună ziua,

    Deși brandul schiuri Reghin are un ADN 100% românesc și visul nostru e de ajunge să producem în România, producția schiurilor se realizează deocamdată în UE.
    Vrem să clarificăm acest lucru, pentru a nu se crea confuzie.

    Mulțumim pentru interes,
    echipa schiuri Reghin