Did we realise that we are setting off for a totally different part of our planet? Not really! But still, Latin America awaits us! It’s 13 pm. Henri Coanda Bucharest Airport is full of people! Unknown faces. Huge suitcases. Office suites. The Marcu Family. The Romanian expedition team for Ojos del Salado. Trekking boots, mountain backpacks and high altitude mountain jackets. Accesories?! The Romanian flag!

Last check  up: passport, money, 6 packs of backpacks, 3 small handbags, my parents…yup! List checked! Nothing missing! We hop on the plane and I was preparing to follow my fantastic plan, aka sleeping during the flight. But…how could I tick this off the list, when my mother was ”suffering” from a severe excess of energy. Sooo…it totally did not work according to my plan.

After several hours of flight, the plane touches ground. My father is among the first to go out and I, as a great and obedient child ( haha ), await for my mom, who wasn’t ready to get off the plane yet. While she was searching for all her stuff, passengers were leaving the places where they had spent the last few hours and headed for the passport control in Charles de Gaulles airport.

I have no idea what she was doing, but it took quite a long time and I was already tired to hear the steward saluting each and every passenger. Seeing that the plane begins to empty and mom is not hurrying at all, as a joke, I tell her to rush a little, because we”ll be the last passengers on the plane.

-That’s the idea! says mom

-What do you mean? I  don’t enjoy your idea!

-Come on, does an empty passenger plane scare you off?

And yes, it quite did…All that came up to my mind were horror movies that took place in an emplty plane…lucky me we managed to get out in time! And when we did, what did she say?!

-That was sooo much fun! Let’s do it again!

Paris. 5 hours in the airport, waiting for our second flight. 13 hours on our next plane. Chile, Santiago. First impression? Hot, baby, hot! 🙂

Read more about our adventure -crossing Atacama and the Andes-towards Ojos del Salado in the next article. 🙂